3. S-GEL POWER. Clening your bath room. can be used on various sufaces in your house -ceramics and it can remove and clean.stains. use: just .1Ltr S-GEL POWER.Directly.applied 8meters.tiles area.and remove cement and paints.stains...

clean your tiles marables.floors regularly

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2.mopping the floor with.S-GEL.Tiles.Marables.cleaning. use: just 2caps s-gel liquid.and10Ltrs water mix.will help your tiles stay nice and shiny

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1.S-GEL. yours tiles floors daily clean.a fluffy dust mop.remove loose dust. you should        never use a strw broom to replace either the dust mop

dont"wait until your tiles floors get relly dirty.as you may want to avoid using strong chemicals. that will degrade your tiles in the long run.plus,who wants to spend hours kneeling on the floor just to scrub away stubborn stains? To prevent these problems,you shuld learn how to clean tiles,floors on a frequent basis. Cleaning tile floors routinely or even daily may sound tiresome. but,it" not as hard as you think. you just need to follw these simple steps,